How Can Contract Staff Help Reduce Burnout For Healthcare Staff?

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The desperate pace of health care work that the world has witnessed since 2020 with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has put healthcare workers under dire stress. The situation is more chaotic than what the world was ever prepared for. And in such a scenario, the burnout for healthcare staff has been surging, and that too, at a very steep pace. 

Analyzing the Current Scenario

Doctors and healthcare staff are caring for multiple times the usual number of patients. They are navigating and monitoring the hospital halls that appear more like construction sites, always in a disheveled state. And some areas needed to be turned into negative pressure zones and the workers found it difficult to hear anything owing to the deafening state of additional ventilation. Needless to say, the PPE kit that these professionals had to wear all through the day, only added to their woes.

Doctors run to save a patient’s life whose life is critically endangered while the other unattended patients almost breathe their last. The situation is no less tense than a war. There have been innumerable moments like this. Doctors and healthcare professionals pushing their limits to save a life; yet they are falling short somewhere. And the sudden crush of work has led to burnout along with healthcare workers, and this is surely affecting the quality of care provided to the patients. 

Caregivers Under Utmost Stress

The long struggle against the pandemic has left all healthcare providers, from doctors to nurses, to respiratory therapists and medical assistants exhausted, both on physical and mental levels. It has fuelled the rate of burnout among front-line Covid warriors that was already very high. With vaccines came the hope of returning to normalcy. But it was soon dashed off with cases again surging up, mostly driven by those not vaccinated. 

Medical service is like a team sport. And it’s not right to let healthcare professionals experience this burnout. It’s worth pointing out that burnout is a common word that we relate to utmost exhaustion. WHO opines that burnout is also characterized by an increasing cynicism along with reduced efficacy at work. And this has been a great issue in healthcare before the pandemic and the shortage of staff along with an unpredictable workload is causing an unprecedented level of workout. 

Advantages of Having Contract Staff for Healthcare Staff

For providing seamless healthcare, it’s very important to have adequate staffing to cover the increasing needs of the patient. But how is that possible, given the world facing utmost trouble in striking the balance between debilitating manpower and increasing demands. This is where the role of contract staff comes to the fore. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of supplying a healthcare organization with contract staff:

  1. Consistent care:

When you have an additional staff member to manage the extra load of work, you can have peace of mind knowing that your regular staff won’t be encumbered with extra pressure. The management won’t have to call up for coverage when you need any work to be done. Thus, it can allow the management and staff to focus and work on jobs that deserve the most attention. 

  1. Familiarity with the work culture:

The advantage of having a team of professionals that’s familiar with the work culture of your organization and your team is truly priceless. You won’t have to deal with a new face every other day and this would ensure seamless operation. 

  1. High dependence level:

Contract staff is trained to provide a team of reliable professionals. They sign an agreement with Protostaff as well as the healthcare organization they are going to work for. When you know this, you can have a high level of dependence. The contracted staff work as per their shifts and they work according to it. 

  1. Cost efficiency

Along with the core staff members of a healthcare facility, the contract staff will also attend an orientation and training program. The per diem model of work helps in more savings compared to hiring full-time medical personnel. 

  1. Improved work environment

The core staff of a medical facility will appreciate the comfort and reduced workload when they get to share the duties with contract staff. The staff can also rest assured that the management is proactive and offer the right coverage for the core staff. This, in turn, helps in improving the quality of services and care for needy patients. 

The Bottom Line

Healthcare services continue to be altered with the new regulations along with cost containment. The condition has been so worse in the last two years that many healthcare professionals have wondered why on earth did they choose this profession. And the workload together with the rising frustration is quite overwhelming.

Contract staffing is a feasible solution to this as they offer the desired flexibility in carrying out the work without overburdening the regular staff. And it is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for healthcare organizations around the globe. 

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