What’s ahead for blue collared jobs in India – 2022

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Prior to the time the devastating virus swept across the globe technological advancements were beginning to alter the structure of the employment market for white, grey and blue-collar professionals. The uncertainty caused by lockdowns, triggered due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, affected blue-collar employees in great detail.

But, as the globe is reopened and businesses regain their footing, there is a positive side to India’s job market is apparent by a steady increase in blue-collar work, making the prospects for this group extremely positive.

There is a clear increase in the demand for this type of workforce in the telecom logistics, e-commerce and logistics and traditional industries such as infra, manufacturing and construction.

Blue-collar workers make up a significant portion of India’s population, which is believed to be approximately 500 million at present and of them, 200 million are employed in agricultural and related industries as well as those remaining at 290 millions workers work in non-farm industries, such as real estate and construction manufacturing, utilities and manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, logistics and transportation.

Technology will transform blue collar workplace

As we begin which the World Economic Forum terms as”the Fourth Industrial Revolution, developments in the field of artificial intelligence machines, robotics, machine learning, 3D printing and other areas are all changing the boundaries of the employment market, specifically for blue-collar blue-collar worker who is manually employed.

Alongside the shift in roles technologies are also creating shift in the way that the vast, unorganized workforce is controlled. Companies that offer complete end-to-end recruitment are digitizing records and databases across the entire blue-collar value chain.

Therefore, large consumer-facing as also infrastructure and construction businesses with a large and constant demands for labour, have begun recruiting workers from talent management companies that specialize in blue-collar sectors. The digital databases managed by these companies allow the job requirements to be identified to job applicants.

Digital solutions, usually one-platform, also offer the option of remote screening as well as verification, self-onboarding attendance management, e-payrolls, employee upskilling and compliance evaluations and training as well as ensuring certain benefits previously they have been denied.

The benefits of the expanding gig economy

In this context the growing gig market in the blue-collar sector results in a steady increase in the number of jobs in the months to come and into the years ahead.

According to the report of BCG ‘Unlocking the potential of the gig Economy in India approximately 2.4 million new jobs could be created within the gig blue-color market, and by 2028, this number could increase to 9 million jobs.

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