5 Things You Didn’t Know About Building an Employee Engagement Program

5 Things You Didn't Know About Building An Employee Engagement Program

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A successful employee engagement program is vital for any company that wants to increase productivity and create a positive working environment.

But, every company is different and the process of designing and implementing such programs can be challenging.

It is this that makes it difficult to create an engaging program.

There is no one formula. Even if you don’t know where to begin.

This post will discuss five key insights that leaders and HR professionals who are able to create successful engagement programs often come up with.

If/when you are faced with these decisions, you’ll need to make them yourself.

Here’s what I often see, and what I find to work very well over the long-term. Continue reading to find out more.

It is SUPPOSED that it will be hard to get buy-in by management and employees

This is a common discovery among leaders and HR professionals.

It’s not always easy, but it is often more difficult than you think. The good news is that getting buy-in is crucial. You can make a difference in the lives of all employees by creating an engaging program.

It’s impossible to do it all by yourself. It shouldn’t be a one-person operation.

Your managers, team members, and even their bosses need to be convinced that an engagement program is worth considering. You’ll then need to collaborate with them to ensure that you communicate effectively and create an ongoing program that meets everyone’s expectations.

Although you may feel overwhelmed right now, remember that every good thing requires hard work. If you want to create a program that is successful, this is not something you should ignore.

Shortcuts are not a good idea.

Technology that allows for safe communication channels can encourage dialogue between staff and management.

Another common realization is that this is a common one. All leaders and HR professionals know that it all boils down to people.

Therefore, it is important to have open and meaningful conversations.

Technology is the best tool to accomplish this.

You won’t do it too often. It’s possible to overdo it.

Employees have a right to be heard at work

Many leaders are unsure how to pay employees’ input.

It is important to understand what giving employees a voice at the workplace means for your company.

Next, commit to it.

Employees need to be able to express their feelings and thoughts about work. They also need to feel that they can make an impact on the workplace.

You can build a safe environment for employees and create a sense of belonging.

You will have your fair share of complaints, suggestions and criticisms about leadership.

This is SUPPOSED to occur.

You must be open to receiving that feedback.

Don’t wait to do it…

Employees can be a part the solution

The best way to solve problems together as a group is to involve everyone in the solution.

You’ve made it easy for employees to voice their opinions and concerns about the work they do.

Next, encourage your managers to have open conversations with their team members. This will help them address issues early before they escalate into serious problems.

Don’t think you or your leadership must solve all problems on your own.

Instead, look for people with different perspectives. Let their talents contribute to your success.

This will help create a more open environment for dialogue. When both employees and management feel part of the solution, then real engagement can begin.

Leaders reserve the right to make the final decision.

Employees must trust that their leaders will make the right decisions for the company.

It is important to communicate openly, be transparent about your decision making process, and include employees whenever possible.

This ensures everyone is aware that their voices are heard and taken into consideration, but also allows them to understand that leaders may need to make tough decisions at times.

This is how to create an environment where employees feel valued and heard.

Although it is not an easy task, it is well worth the effort.


It is not easy to create successful engagement programs.

While leaders and HR professionals face many obstacles in creating an engaging work culture, there are some commonalities they return to often.

These five insights can help you win the support of your employees and management for your next engagement program or improve your existing one.

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